Torrent Search

Torrent Search 4.8

Search Torrents in more than 32 Top Torrent Search engines

Search Torrents in more than 31 Top Torrent Search sites.
The Torrent Search engines in the toolbar are auto-updated.
Get RSS feeds with new torrents links.
Fresh Torrents has tons of seeds...

Links to the best private torrents communities.
We will always get you the best secret torrent sites.

E-Mail Notifier (optional).
check multiple POP3, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo accounts for new mail It displays an icon in the toolbar and notifies you whenever new mail is waiting. It also optionally to play a WAV file.

Highlight the Torrent Search Results (optional).
Make your life easier.

Online Anti Virus scanner (optional).
Cookie-Cleaner, History-Cleaner, Cache-Cleaner.

Popup Blocker (optional).
Block annoying pop-ups.

Weather (optional).
Offers forecasts for cities worldwide.

Auto Update (optional).
Help to keep your Toolbar current.

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